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Tyler Finkler, Realtor and Appraiser from Plum Tree Realty

Real Estate Investors

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Why Investors Work With Us


As a landlord, nothing is more difficult than trying to sell a properties with tenants living inside. With our virtual showing option, you’re able to get top market offers without bothering your tenants. For multi-family properties, we just need to get into one of the units.


Whether you’re selling properties as-is or completely rehabbed, a vacant home is much easier to sell than an occupied one. That is why our 1.5% listing commission is a no brainer when you need to maximize your return on investment. Homes over $200k = 1%

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Do you have a property you’d like to rent out? We’ll find and qualify the best possible tenants to make sure your investment is cash-flowing on a month-to-month basis. We’ll connect you with property management services located in Northeast Ohio.



We're experts in locating Off-Market Properties

How We Sell

Tenant-Occupied Homes

1. Schedule Photoshoot

One person will come out to shoot your property without spooking your tenants.

2. List & Get Offers

No realtor, inspector, or buyer will be inside until an offer is signed and accepted by you.

3. Close the Deal

With only two set times where someone has to get into the property. Photoshoot & Inspection.

Investment Strategies

BRRR Method

Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. This method is pretty straight forward and is one of that can be lucrative overtime for investors of all levels. The hardest part can be finding a deal to buy, then you have to have good contractors in place. Contact us today to start finding these off-market deals!

Infinite Banking

Savvy investors are leveraging a safe asset (whole life insurance policy) to put their money to work in two places at one time. This concept allows them to become their own bank by using a policy that continues to earn dividends while delivering market returns with zero stock market risk.

Go ahead and borrow money with no interest or pay yourself back at your own pace.

1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges

Investors of all types can utilize this strategy when looking to sell a property and acquire another. Whether you’re looking to purchase a more valuable investment property, consolidate multiple properties into one, or diversify one property into multiple, your capital gains taxes will be deferred.

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