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License: ARA.2021008311 & SAL.2020001826

License: ACR.2007005958

License: ACR.2022007478

Typical Purposes

Why most customers get a real estate appraisal

Buyers and sellers often request appraisals to determine the fair market value of a property. This helps ensure that the purchase price is reasonable or that the asking price is competitive.

Property owners may contest their property tax assessments by obtaining an independent appraisal to support their claims of overvaluation.

Lenders require real estate appraisals to assess the value of a property before approving a mortgage loan. The appraisal helps determine the loan-to-value ratio and assess the risk for the lender.

Homeowners may request an appraisal when refinancing their mortgage. A higher appraisal value can lead to better loan terms and lower interest rates.

Lenders may require an appraisal to establish the equity in a property, which is essential for securing home equity loans or lines of credit.

Appraisals are necessary when valuing real estate assets as part of an estate planning process, such as for inheritance or estate tax purposes.

In divorce cases, real estate appraisals are often required to determine the fair market value of a property for equitable distribution between the spouses.

Property owners may need appraisals to determine the replacement cost of their property for insurance coverage. This ensures adequate coverage in case of damage or loss.

Before undertaking significant renovations or improvements, homeowners may obtain an appraisal to understand how these changes could impact the property’s value.

Appraisals are used in legal proceedings, such as property disputes or eminent domain cases, to assess the value of real estate assets.

Homeowners with private mortgage insurance (PMI) can request an appraisal to demonstrate that their property has gained enough equity to remove PMI.

Sellers may obtain appraisals to set an accurate listing price and gain a competitive advantage in the real estate market.

Property owners or prospective buyers may simply want to know the current market value of a property out of curiosity.

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